SKIVAS is a short 12 minutes movie project by Coline Ballet Baz, Produced by BUG Visionaries and directed by UPLAND Films. 10 of the best women skier and snowboarder on the planet (Marion Haerty, Taylord Lundqvist, Emma Dahrlstrom, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Juliette Willman, …) meet during the 2020 winter over the world and perform in all type of environment.
From Urban in Quebec, to Big Mountains of Chamonix and the Backcountry in La Rosière, performance is a must. After many years competing, Coline wanted to go back to what made her excited for freeskiing at the beginning: Friendship, Freedom, and constant discovery. Through this movie, Coline wants to show that Freeski is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle, an art. 10 Women with collective purpose to show that Women can now performed in Action Sports. Produced by BUG Visionaries and directed by UPLAND Films. 
We are happy to show you a very short teaser. 40 seconds showing you the quality, the idea and the vibe being this movie.
– SKIVAS Trailer: September 2020
– SKIVAS Cinema premiere: Oct 3rd HIGHFIVE Festival (Annecy, France)
– SKIVAS WORLD Premiere Tour: From Oct 3rd to Nov 1 (Europe, US and Canada)
– SKIVAS Online Release: TBC

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